I guess with summer around the corner everyone decided to drop tunes so they can get their holidays rolling. Let’s get it on… Digital – Shaka Zulu/Archive – Ingredients – Out 5th of May Yep, the one and only dub-lovin Digital is back with two new tunes on Ingredients records. You know his output on […]

Woooo…this one has caused much discussion at Shadowboxing HQ recently. I asked several friends, respected DJs, and drum & bass aficionados to consider their top ten Dillinja tunes and received a wide variety of answers. From there I compiled those answers together giving each tune one point. If two or more tracks were tied with […]

Snap Shot, aka Mark XTC (co-founder of Intalex Recordings & a former DMC Champ) and Microcosm, just dropped the third release on Manchester’s NB Audio imprint with VIPs of “Dooms” and “Dark Shadows.” The label’s aim is to provide an alternative outlet for alternative electronic artists to be distributed internationally and stepping out of the […]

If you didn’t catch it live, Richie Hawtin’s Boiler Room pool party set in Ibiza was the stuff of legend. Between the bikini-clad party goers, everyone’s nose itching (ha!), and the tunes it was a big techno smasher. He even managed to work in a little Bananrama and Nicki Minaj for good measure…

Immediately after my last B&P post I received even more new music to share, so here’s volume 13.5. Motta & mSdoS / Paul SG – Dots / Electric – Good Looking Records – Out May 20th I’m really glad to see GLR get into the digital age and a standard release schedule. They’ve spent years […]