Sometimes time and life conspire against one another. You start focusing on one, then miss the other or it just slips by in greater and greater increments. In any case, we’re still here and it’s about time I caught up on some new tunes. Even though it’s 11 days old, it’s brand new in my […]

Music is therapy. I use it to get back into the right frame of mind when my brainwaves aren’t syncing properly. Thankfully, our bros at Warm Communications are releasing two new tunes from Alaska and Paradox Sesi Mirage/Nairah (WARM039) and my brain is thankful today. Sesi Mirage is an amazing, and modern, turn of atmospheric […]

Seba’s been a busy boy the last few months. He just dropped a couple of amazing tunes on Warm Communications last week, Nicoho/Sienna, and Jungle Music/Cloudless, on his own Secret Operations label. Did I mention that Sienna on Warm Comms is also my Tune of the Day? Classic Seba sound! So, given that he’s got […]

Warm Communications keeps churning out the hits. Following up on their big time Chorux EP, they’ve tabbed Italian producer HLZ for Dying Memories/Duel. Dying Memories has now supplanted Mako’s What A Little Moonlight Can Do as the don tune, for me, on Warm Comms. It’s big, it’s fierce, it feels like classic techstep, AND IT […]

I haven’t gone in on a B&P in awhile, so allow me to write some words about some music that’s either available now or out soon. Mako – Do You Feel The Same – Warm Communications – OUT NOW The A side, Do You Feel The Same? gives us some nice, dark, moody atmospherics before […]