One of my favorite albums in the last few years was Hybrid Mind’s Mountains from 2013. I fell off their recent output through no fault of their own, but I’m really excited about the impending release of their new work, Elements. As such, they’ve released a video for the single Brighter Day featuring vocalist Charlotte […]

This is quite the inspirational little short film about two friends, growing up as metalheads in the Flatbush area of Brooklyn. Rock on Unlocking The Truth! Check out more of The Avant/Garde Diaries. Unlocking The Truth – Malcolm Brickhouse & Jarad Dawkins from The Avant/Garde Diaries on Vimeo.

Immediately after my last B&P post I received even more new music to share, so here’s volume 13.5. Motta & mSdoS / Paul SG – Dots / Electric – Good Looking Records – Out May 20th I’m really glad to see GLR get into the digital age and a standard release schedule. They’ve spent years […]

The process I use for finding music and sets for Shadowboxing is most likely a by-product of my adolescent ADHD resurfacing long enough to power me through a post…or it could just be a shitload of caffeine…in any case, here’s how it usually happens: Things always begin when I need to find something to fill […]

The Joy Formidable first came to my attention back in November when they played Fun Fun Fun Fest here in Austin. I didn’t attend the show, but heard from several people that did that The JF stole the show when they played. I decided to seek out a few videos on YouTube and was hooked […]