Found this through multiple buddies on Facebook today. It’s a live video recording of DJ Benji B, MC Judah and Deviation String Quartet doing a live set at Revolutions in Sound in the London Eye (that ridiculously large ferris wheel on the River Thames). Most of the tunes cover a lot of UK Garage and […]

Greetings everyone. Several months ago Wes asked if I’d like to contribute to Shadowboxing, however, several “life events” have stalled my intro on here. Hopefully said events will no further interfere, but the realities of marriage/fatherhood/homeownership indicate this may be a start-and-stop relationship. Ask most people on the street what sort of music they listen […]

I’ve mentioned Chicago’s DJ Casper before, most recently when I found and uploaded his deep house mix from 2002. He was a pretty big player in burgeoning UK Garage scene here in the States and he’s responsible for turning me onto UKG by giving me a rip of Ramsey & Fen’s Live @ La Cosa […]

Originally recorded on Christmas Day 1997, this mix is the Dreem Team’s first appearance on The Essential Mix. UK Garage was really in its infancy around this time, but its popularity was exploding and The Dreem Team were at the forefront of its transition into the spotlight. Originally rooted in a 4/4 “house-ier” garage sound, […]

As of 2009, UK Garage has been making a comeback. “Future Garage” is a catchall term for producers/DJs, mostly associated with the Dubstep scene, creating new sounds with the UK Garage template. It can be seen as a reaction to macho/aggressive and swing-less Dubstep domination in the clubs. On the forefront of the future garage […]

I don’t even know how to even begin classifying this mix. Its a bit of dubstep, 4/4 garage, grime, and techno. Kingdom FABRICLIVE / Fool’s Gold Promo Mix by fabric Direct Download 01. Choice – Acid Eiffel 02. Cooly G – Weekend Fly 03. Roska – The Sheppard 04. Mosca – Square One (Kingdom […]