I was sitting in my chair when I first played Krissi B’s tune, “I want U”, that just came out on Kiosk. By the end of the song though, I was up dancing. This tune is ON POINT. And once the the 2-step garage remix started playing there was just no sitting down afterwards. In […]

I’m going in on a UK garage mix from Plastician! An extended, unedited 90 minutes garage mix recorded in one take – apologies for a couple of wobbly transitions, I haven’t played some of these tracks in YEARS. I mixed this for Rinse FM’s Garage Hour show, but was having so much fun playing the […]

I’m stepping away from diaper changes and cooing at my new son, to post a little classic UK Garage tape pack from United Dance circa 2003. Big sets from “garridge” luminaries like EZ, Martin Larner and Mike “Ruffcut” Lloyd while Geenus, Slimzee, and Sticky handle the early/late night duties. Hat tip to Section 23 on […]

This mix is a few months old, but I stumbled upon it after doing some digging on Rob Sparx for an upcoming bit I’m doing on his new dubstep release. This is a pure party joint with lots of old school UK garage, speed garage, and bass house mixed throughout. Time to go in! Tracklist: […]

Pearsall runs one of my favorite music blogs, Sonic Rampage. He knocks it out of the park again with this bass music mix featuring a little bit of everything across that particular amorphous musical designation. Make sure you mosey on over to his Drum & Bass mix archive for some added goodness. Tracklist: 01. Cooly […]

Here’s a collection of free music from various genres and a multitude of producers from the last few months. As always, you can click the little down arrow on each Soundcloud waveform to download the MP3. Here’s Ill-esha’s “lovestep” edit of The Weeknd’s XO/The Host tune. I like the two-step break vibe of this and […]