Warm Communications keeps churning out the hits. Following up on their big time Chorux EP, they’ve tabbed Italian producer HLZ for Dying Memories/Duel. Dying Memories has now supplanted Mako’s What A Little Moonlight Can Do as the don tune, for me, on Warm Comms. It’s big, it’s fierce, it feels like classic techstep, AND IT […]

Jonny L’s deal with XL Recordings in the early 90’s was a big deal for jungle. They were, and still are, a major player in the dance music community and helped push his releases to the world. While maybe not as commercially successful as Jonny’s other work like 2 Of Us, Piper, or Magnetic, the […]

One of my all-time favorite mixes is the classic AWOL – Live in London 1995 mix featuring Darren J, Mickey Finn, Dr. S Gachet, Kenny Ken and Randall rinsing out a packed house while GQ and Fearless handle mic duties. From the first drop on DJ Biggs’ The Hunter and that “Jezusss Christ!” sample you […]

Fox just released his solo debut, the Shiddleywiddleyskangdangdiddleywoi EP (that’s a mouthful),on Estate Recordings with Chimpo supplying the beats. You might know Fox best for his work with My Nu Leng on the massive Masterplan and his turn on Claude Von Stroke’s Oakland Rope. However, he’s LONG been a staple of the Manchester MC community…maybe […]

Boston, a young Welsh producer and not a Southie from Mass, helms the 20th release on Break’s Symmetry Recordings. It’s a turn of styles for the imprint as there’s a decidedly mellower texture on both tracks. The A-side, and my tune of the day, is Catch Your Breath. Bostom kicks it off with a two-step […]

Intense Presents: Logical Progression Level 3, on LTJ Bukem’s seminal Good Looking Records, turned 17 years old today. One of my favorite tracks on that album is Blu Mar Ten’s She Moves Through. The flutes, the weird satellite noises, and the sub bass make it a sublime piece of work. Being 17, the tune is […]

Ivy Lab are this decade’s Bad Company…except the Ivy Lab boys are doing it with more soul. This time it’s the 9 track Twenty Questions EP (that’s LP sized!) doing the damage and the eponymous title track features a gritty, black & white video to carry the tune. An easy tune of the day if […]