I’m a sucker for a big bassline and a well timed sample. Kachina’s Heisenberg (on the brand new Affectionate Grooves label) has managed to scratched both of those itches making it my Tune of the Day. The entire UK Garage-influenced, Heisenberg EP will be available on the NextGen Records store soon enough. You can hear […]

No, it’s not drum & bass or house or techno or brand new or groundbreaking or amazing. It’s just Oakland-based indie/alternative rock producer Day Wave’s first single that’s blowing up everywhere. Anyway, this song is just speaking to me so it’s my tune of the day.

That rowdy buncha Mancunian MCs and producers are back again with another LEVELZ crew production. I mentioned on Facebook that I have very little use for American rap and hip-hop these days. It’s become a shell of itself in recent years and they’ve more or less lost the plot. Most rappers take themselves entirely too […]

Bristol badman, Darren Decoder has long been a favorite of mine. From his days producing jungle under the alias of Orca on Lucky Spin, to the countless collaborations with Technical Itch, and the hugely successful work with Kosheen he’s always acquitted himself as a topflight producer. He’s also a good dude and absolutely hilarious, which […]