I was digging through an old hard drive last night and came upon this mixtape that I ripped as part of my cassette mixing project from a few years ago. Ed Rush – Live in 98 was a tape I picked up from a discount bin at a used CD store in Dallas. The tape […]

The mighty, mighty Freaky Flow uploaded his 1998 mixtape, Volume 7, earlier this week. Featuring lots of big jump-up and hardstep tunes of the day with a smattering of Canadian flavor from producers like Mystical Influence (Dub Plate Pressure) and Marcus Visionary (Steppa). Since it’s a tape rip from 16 years ago the sound quality […]

Several months ago I began digitizing my mixtape collection. I just finished that project and will begin posting some of these mixtapes to the blog as I get them EQ’ed a bit. Next up is San Francisco-based, and Phuckateck Collective member, DJ Juju’s 6:06 AM Convulsions. I don’t remember the circumstances of how I came […]