The Outlook Festival, one of Europes’s biggest and baddest, has asked the original “crackhouse” don to knock together a mix for them. It’s a precision blend of tech house, classic reworks, some bass joints, a few deeper tunes, and (of course) the aforementioned crackhouse sound.

If you didn’t catch it live, Richie Hawtin’s Boiler Room pool party set in Ibiza was the stuff of legend. Between the bikini-clad party goers, everyone’s nose itching (ha!), and the tunes it was a big techno smasher. He even managed to work in a little Bananrama and Nicki Minaj for good measure…

Adrian Sciencia aka The Katalyst here, I got some choice bits for you in the Beats and Pieces this go round. Direct Motion – Those That Lead/Part of Me – Diffrent Music – OUT NOW We will kick off this segment with a release from Direct Motion courtesy of the Diffrent Music out of London. […]

The Movement Festival (formerly DEMF) in Detroit was well attended by a plethora of my friends and they all came back talking about how much fun they had. I’ve never been able to attend and with a kid on the way I doubt I’ll ever go, so I need to live vicariously through these recorded […]

Pushing Red and Warm Communications label boss (and fellow Texan), EHL, has knocked together an exclusive mixed genre set for Shadowboxing. We also had a quick chat about the impetus of Pushing Red and how he goes about acquiring these tunes. You’ve long been a part of the DnB scene, but what was the genesis […]

Found this will browsing Facebook earlier and thought it was worth a share. Dara: Recorded live at Buzz in Washington DC in 1998. The theme of the night was DJs playing a genre they weren’t known for, so I played oldskool techno on the main floor and Scott Henry played DnB in the other room. […]

Whew, got a whole slew of new tunes that are worth your attention, so let’s dive in! **I also wasn’t paying attention to my own numbering and missed B&P #10. Oh well, carry on. soulTec/Arp-1 & MJT – A Need In Me/Last Call – Good Looking – Out Now LTJ Bukem’s Good Looking label was […]