Duncan Busto aka Spirit has passed on. He was a very talented producer who was responsible for so many huge tunes on his own and with his production partner, Digital. I used to chat with him occasionally on an IRC channel and he was always so nice even when I’d fanboy out. Years later we, […]

Check out this slice of goodness from the evergreen duo Digital and Spirit. The pair have been responsible for some all time classics with the likes of Phantom Force and Remote Control, to name just a couple. This preview, provided recently by Friction, would suggest they are on form once again. Featuring a number of […]

November has been a tough month for blogging. Every waking moment was filled with family activity while my work weeks were booked up with travel to exotic locations like El Paso, TX! Then, of course, it was Thankgiving in the States. Where we consume and purge enormous meals for a day leading up to, the […]

Digital has been releasing big tunes for years on Metalheadz and his own Phantom Audio imprint and even though his sound tends to mash down on the dubby side of drum & bass we continue to be big fans (Phantom Audio w/ Spirit was HUGE). Now he’s rolled out an hour mix for an upcoming […]

Way back in 2001, the Total Science boys put out a compilation on their C.I.A. Records imprint called Total Science Presents: Tuned-In. It featured cuts from Total Science, Q Project, Future Cut, Intalex & ST Files, and a little known (at the time) Irish producer by the name of Calibre. It featured future classics like […]