Seba’s been a busy boy the last few months. He just dropped a couple of amazing tunes on Warm Communications last week, Nicoho/Sienna, and Jungle Music/Cloudless, on his own Secret Operations label. Did I mention that Sienna on Warm Comms is also my Tune of the Day? Classic Seba sound! So, given that he’s got […]

November has been a tough month for blogging. Every waking moment was filled with family activity while my work weeks were booked up with travel to exotic locations like El Paso, TX! Then, of course, it was Thankgiving in the States. Where we consume and purge enormous meals for a day leading up to, the […]

I’m a big fan of Spearhead Records. Why? Because they simply produce top quality drum & bass from new and established producers without any fluff or pretense. So today we show our appreciation by highlighting two of their recent released and previewing a forthcoming album, plus for good measure, we’ll throw in a link to […]

I’m still trying to get my blogging mojo back and find the spark to post daily, but some days it’s pretty tough. Today, however, I’ve pulled myself out of the funk to post a few freebies that have popped up in the last week. It’s not all drum & bass either…you’ll find some UK hip-hop […]

Seba has blessed up with a new EP on his Secret Operations label and it is a fantastic collection of music. The release opens up with a deep half time number entitled Mesmerism. A nice amount of minimal percussion drenched in reverb and delay creates a nice tension with synth stabs that slowly build throughout […]

All the big players in the music blogging and magazine biz like to think they are the be-all-end-all for best-of-the-year accolades, but thankfully we have our own voice and our voice doesn’t usually represent the same opinions (or categories) as those echo chambers. Top Albums of 2013: Hybrid Minds – Mountains – Spearhead Claude VonStroke […]

Lots and lots to do! Evolution Of The Giraffe LP – Diffrent Records – OUT NOW First up this month is Diffrent Music’s “Evolution of the Giraffe” LP, featuring a slew of artists we’ve talked about before including Dominic Ridgeway, Arkaik, and Mtwn. The Diffrent crew cheekily call compilation GiraffeStep, but it really covers a […]

“Famous Lost Words” is the first full length release from Blu Mar Ten since 2011’s “Love Is The Devil” on their own imprint, Blu Mar Ten Music, and it’s a doozy. I had hoped to have a chat with Chris from Blu Mar Ten, but unfortunately that didn’t work out. However he gave a really […]

Let’s roll. Seba – Shades of Me & You/Never Let You Go (Blu Mar Ten Remix) – Warm Communications – Out August Wow. Texas’ own Warm Communications have killed it (AGAIN!) with this release from Seba and remix duties provided by the mighty Blu Mar Ten. The a-side, “Shades of Me & You,” has and […]