Duncan Busto aka Spirit has passed on. He was a very talented producer who was responsible for so many huge tunes on his own and with his production partner, Digital. I used to chat with him occasionally on an IRC channel and he was always so nice even when I’d fanboy out. Years later we, […]

It’s been just a few days since we heard about the passing of one of drum & bass’ most respected producers, Marcus Intalex. It doesn’t seem real that another one of our musical heroes has passed on so soon. I have always felt a huge connection to his music because I appreciate that he went […]

Squirt, aka Aaron Wilkerson, was one of Dallas’ original junglists and one of the founding members of the 32 Degrees jungle crew (that I later joined) and was a huge influence on drum & bass culture in Dallas. Unfortunately he passed away on the 1st of April after a short illness. Squirt was talented, hilarious, […]

This post isn’t music related. As everyone is all too aware Robin Williams took his own life months ago and that hit me a lot harder then than I ever expected it to for a myriad of reasons. I held off on posting this for a long time just to get passed the outpouring of […]

One of humanity’s greatest voices, Maya Angelou, has passed on. She was a poet, a writer, a singer, dancer, an essayist, a playwright, and a survivor. LTJ Bukem’s “Horizons” may not be the best example of a track sampling Dr. Angelou’s work, but it’s my favorite. My mother (RIP) was a big fan of Dr. […]