I like Ray Keith, he’s a good dude. Ray played a few gigs in Texas in 2000. First in Dallas and a few months later in Houston. When I picked him up to play for us in Dallas and were heading towards the venue, a recliner falls off a truck just in front of us […]

I know I’ve been on a drum&bass bender for the last few posts, but that isn’t something I’ll apologize for…I’m listening to a lot of older sets in my collection and that is reflected in what I post to SB. Once I hear something else in another genre that’s killing it for me then I’ll […]

Someone took the time to rip every set from a Telepathy tape pack that was recorded on February 25th, 1994. The sound varies from rip to rip, but it’s an awesome piece of jungle nostalgia. The zip file is a whopping 630mb with 14 separate mp3s each averaging about 43 minutes each. Sets (sound quality […]

Ray Keith filled in for the mighty DJ Hype on KISS FM, on 12/30/2009. Here’s the show. DOWNLOAD Dj Clarkee – Smiley – Red Noze Baby D – Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Ray Keith Remix) – Production House Dms And Bowman X – Pusher – White Back To Basics – Dreadbase – Moving Shadow […]