The day you decide to dip your toe into the rave promotion waters is also the day you need to come to grips with chaos. Whether it’s mildly annoying hotel rate increases or the entire show bottoming out when your venue tells you to get fucked, you better be ready. You plan, you plan again, […]

While going over a “Where Are They Now” article on Thump, I came across another article about AK1200 that was written by DJ DB. It chronicled some of Dave AK’s achievements in breaking breakbeat culture to the US. You wouldn’t know it now, but Orlando was a big spot for early hardcore and jungle thanks […]

As a addendum to my Essential Nookie post from last week, I wanted to share Law’s All Nookie 92-94 mix via Drumtrip. Law shares my same view on Nookie being one of the unsung heroes of jungle, so I thought it only fitting to share his excellent mix of Nookie’s early work. Make sure to […]

Something happened in my world this week and I think it’s pretty damn cool. An old friend of mine from Dallas, Thomas Meyer, decided he wanted to try and map out the rather rich history of dance music in Dallas which dates back to the 80s. While he began compiling that information a Facebook group, […]

dBridge has done a mixtape for Trap Magazine called Dubs On Doves. Despite the magazine’s name there’s no trap in the mix! It’s nothing but classic jungle tunes from the 90s and it’s a winner! dBridge’s Dubs On Doves Mix (1991-95) 1. State Of Art – Suburban Knights – Intelligent Music Company (1994) 2. The […]