The Mighty Randall releases his summer vibes drum & bass mix today (about 40 minutes ago actually). Featuring a bit of liquid funk, some deeper beats, and a whole mess of good clean mixes. Ready…set…go! // Randall’s “Jamdown Sesssions” Pt.3 by Dj Randall on Mixcloud

DJ Randall drops a new mix called The Journey Vol. 1, indicating that this will be the first in a series for him. No tracklist on the mix since he indicated that he is “keeping you trainspotters on your toes.” // Randall Presents. The Journey Vol:1 by Dj Randall on Mixcloud

Huge hat tip to Everyday Junglist for this… 36 Htz Recordings boss man DJ Vapour released this as a free download once the money-man for the project folded up shop. “This was originally due for release in about 2007 as a mix cd, but the guy who was financing the project pulled out so it […]

I uploaded this mix to Soundcloud several months ago and forgot to link it back to SB. According to the Discogs entry for it, it was released in Belgium in 1994 on Re-Animate Recordings. Randall has always released top-notch sets through the years, and this mix is no exception. You can either stream from Soundcloud […]

I know I’ve been on a drum&bass bender for the last few posts, but that isn’t something I’ll apologize for…I’m listening to a lot of older sets in my collection and that is reflected in what I post to SB. Once I hear something else in another genre that’s killing it for me then I’ll […]

An all-time classic. If there were a Hall of Fame for jungle, this mix would be a first ballot honoree. You can’t go wrong with the biggest names of the day (Randall, Kenny Ken, Mickey Finn, Darren Jay, & Dr. S Gachet) playing back-to-back VIP mixes all night. I still hear those horns in my […]