The backlogue to my mix list keeps growing. I am a long-time fan of Evol Intent and most of their offshoots. Gigantor keeps feeding his fanbase with free tunes and crunching podcasts and doesn’t appear to be letting up anytime soon. This week, the podcast features their new signee Bl4ck Owlz, new Noisia and Upbeats […]

One of my favorite labels is back with another podcast ahead of their fifth label release by Exodus, entitled Last Breath/Minimal (DFA008). Tracklist: 1- Exodous – Project 111 2- Double Helix – Cue 3- Abstract Elements – Erpeh 4- Alex Seva – Twisted 5- Bungle – Arcadia 6- Fearful – Mechanism 7- M Soul & […]

I have raved on Shadowboxing on how AMAZING Ivy Lab is and the incredible material they have been releasing. I am also a huge fan of the Ivy Cast they do and the newest edition has landed for you all to enjoy. You can expect to hear classic hip hop (BCC WHAT?!?!) as well as […]