Need For Mirrors, one of the busiest producers in drum and bass, has put together a promo mix to hype his release, Ethos/Self Portrait, on Blu Mar Ten Music. You can buy digital tracks HERE and get vinyl copies HERE You can find more from Need For Mirrors HERE and Blu Mar Ten Music HERE. […]

As Wes is celebrating the delivery of the world’s newest junglist, I will be delivering the freshest Beats & Pieces and it is a nice one to say the least. Congrats to my brother Wes and his family. Let’s get started! Survey – Away/Delirium – Protect Audio Protect Audio’s latest release from the deep, dark […]

Normally we focus on posting DJ mixes and free tracks that we feel are good enough to share, but once in awhile I hope to highlight new releases and albums from across the musical spectrum. I’ve tentatively titled these posts as Beats and Pieces (and I reserve the right to change the name at anytime). […]