Fellow SB family member, Adrian Scientia aka Katalyst aka The Black Bull, finally got around to encoding one of his earliest mixtapes (but wouldn’t post it himself, so I’m doing it). The overriding theme for the tape was the 1979 gang classic, The Warriors and it shows from the intro and throughout. Initially recorded on […]

Dead Man’s Chest (aka Eveson) is dropping an actual mixtape! And by mixtape I don’t mean collection of poorly thrown together rap tracks on a CD that some dude tries to sell you for $10 on the subway. No, this is an actual cassette tape! A real, old school, reel-to-reel-need-a-tapedeck tape! Did I mention it’s […]

I was digging through an old hard drive last night and came upon this mixtape that I ripped as part of my cassette mixing project from a few years ago. Ed Rush – Live in 98 was a tape I picked up from a discount bin at a used CD store in Dallas. The tape […]

Mancunian DJ/Producer/MC/Nutter Chimpo just released his “Monkey Teef” mixtape through the Girls Music imprint while I was on my Thanksgiving vacation. If you dig UK Grime and hip-hop with a couple of VERY British skits, then head over and give it a listen. You can download the zip file for free by providing Girls Music […]

Several months ago I began digitizing my mixtape collection. I just finished that project and will begin posting some of these mixtapes to the blog as I get them EQ’ed a bit. Next up is San Francisco-based, and Phuckateck Collective member, DJ Juju’s 6:06 AM Convulsions. I don’t remember the circumstances of how I came […]