Yesterday was a pain in the neck…literally. While my wife and I were driving home a girl was too busy texting to notice we’d stopped at a light in front of her. Thankfully we just have a bit of whiplash, but it could’ve been worse. That means today’s lesson is; put your fucking phone down […]

I’m still trying to get my blogging mojo back and find the spark to post daily, but some days it’s pretty tough. Today, however, I’ve pulled myself out of the funk to post a few freebies that have popped up in the last week. It’s not all drum & bass either…you’ll find some UK hip-hop […]

Killer bass from Rockwell and massive thanks to Mixmag! MIXMAG MOTW: ROCKWELL OCTOBER 2012 by Rockwell DJ Rashad – Trap Bakk Sinistarr – Ross Stray – Break Your Legs Rockwell – *)* Fracture – Dawn Day Night – Big Booty Girls – APHA007 Rockwell – Childhood Memories Mutated Forms – Swamp Rockwell – 4U […]