I know I’ve been on a drum&bass bender for the last few posts, but that isn’t something I’ll apologize for…I’m listening to a lot of older sets in my collection and that is reflected in what I post to SB. Once I hear something else in another genre that’s killing it for me then I’ll […]

I’ve tossed around the idea of a super jungle post for awhile and finally decided that it needed to happen. So I spent about five hours pooling a few of my favorite old school jungle sets from the last decade that I feel are really worth sharing. The audio varies because of the age of […]

An all-time classic. If there were a Hall of Fame for jungle, this mix would be a first ballot honoree. You can’t go wrong with the biggest names of the day (Randall, Kenny Ken, Mickey Finn, Darren Jay, & Dr. S Gachet) playing back-to-back VIP mixes all night. I still hear those horns in my […]