Done in conjunction with a Metalheadz night at Fabric London, Ant-TC1 does a ‘Headz history mix featuring some of the best (and least well known) tunes from the label. Tracklist: J.Majik – Jim Kutta – Metalheadz Doc Scott – Swarm – Metalheadz Alex Reece – Basic Principles – Metalheadz Doc Scott – Drumz 95 – […]

Digital has been releasing big tunes for years on Metalheadz and his own Phantom Audio imprint and even though his sound tends to mash down on the dubby side of drum & bass we continue to be big fans (Phantom Audio w/ Spirit was HUGE). Now he’s rolled out an hour mix for an upcoming […]

Mikal is a badman who has been making some incredible drum and bass over the last few years and this mix is a showcase of tunes to promote a gig he did for Ramjam at Motion. No tracklist for this one but trust the tunes are for real on this one..ENJOY!!

Metalheadz just uploaded two big sets this morning. The first is Goldie’s set from FabricLive on April 3rd and the second is a Kemistry, Storm, and Goldie back to back to back session from 1996 to memorialize Kemi’s passing 14 years ago! RIP KEMISTRY!