Intense Presents: Logical Progression Level 3, on LTJ Bukem’s seminal Good Looking Records, turned 17 years old today. One of my favorite tracks on that album is Blu Mar Ten’s She Moves Through. The flutes, the weird satellite noises, and the sub bass make it a sublime piece of work. Being 17, the tune is […]

Thanks to Law over at the Drumtrip Blog for his excellent Biography of LTJ Bukem mix from 2007. Make sure you check out the rest of the DT mix archive…it’s epic. Tracklist: 01.. LTJ Bukem – Demons Theme – Good Looking 02.. LTJ Bukem – Enchanted – Good Looking 03.. The Bookworm – Bookworm – […]

One of humanity’s greatest voices, Maya Angelou, has passed on. She was a poet, a writer, a singer, dancer, an essayist, a playwright, and a survivor. LTJ Bukem’s “Horizons” may not be the best example of a track sampling Dr. Angelou’s work, but it’s my favorite. My mother (RIP) was a big fan of Dr. […]

Whew, got a whole slew of new tunes that are worth your attention, so let’s dive in! **I also wasn’t paying attention to my own numbering and missed B&P #10. Oh well, carry on. soulTec/Arp-1 & MJT – A Need In Me/Last Call – Good Looking – Out Now LTJ Bukem’s Good Looking label was […]

The Rebirth of Cool series of 8 or so compilations (hard to tell the total number with re-releases & catalog number differences) that were first released in the early 90s under an Island Records subsidiary called 4th & Broadway in the UK. The early releases featured trip-hop, acid jazz, downtempo, dub, and breakbeat tracks. In […]