In what could, possibly,  be the biggest story in drum & bass circles is the apparent return of Kemal. If you’re relatively new to D&B, then you might not be aware of how big this is for the scene. Kemal and his production partner, Rob Data, aka Konflict, smashed every dance in the late 90s […]

The day you decide to dip your toe into the rave promotion waters is also the day you need to come to grips with chaos. Whether it’s mildly annoying hotel rate increases or the entire show bottoming out when your venue tells you to get fucked, you better be ready. You plan, you plan again, […]

A full hour of non-stop Konflict tunes mixed on vinyl by El Hornet? Yes please! Tracklist 1. Bulletproof ‘The Nephilim’ (Kemal and Rob Data Remix) 2. Phuncktecks UFO ‘My Personal Blackmail’ (Konflicts Negative Remix) 3. Kemal ‘Plan B’ 4. Karl K ‘Synapose’ (Konflict remix) 5. Deeper Realms Vol 1 (Was never given an artwork release […]