Do you enjoy lush, cinematic soundscapes with a tinge of drum and bass? Do you like joyful, mind fucking ambiance that tickles the cerebrum? Do you like audio enlightenment? Well good news, Kimyan Law’s new album Yonda on Blu Mar Ten Music is for you. I find Kimyan’s music to be masterful, but it might […]

Music seems to find me when things are swirling around me and I need it most. Such is the case when Kimyan Law’s new LP, Zawadi, arrived last week. I have no idea what allows a 21 year old Congolese-Austrian to tap into the emotions of a late-30s white male in Texas, but he’s done […]

This week’s releases are big, bad, and heavy…New Kimyan Law, new Symmetry LP, new Survey LP, SoulTrader001. As always you can click OUT NOW to be taken to the various sites where you can purchase the tunes. Please support the artists and labels. Kimyan Law – Daimyo VIP/Lavish/Chai – BMT Music – OUT NOW Lush, […]

It’s the beginning of 2015, which means I should get off my ass and post my best of list. It’s taken me more than three weeks to consider my picks, simply because the holidays are insane. Travel, Christmas, travel, New Years, work, travel…it never ends. Hopefully I can find additional contributors to the blog to […]

I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect after hearing his remix of Half The Sky, but Run Ames and Eclairage are both excellent. I genuinely love the xylophone sounds and nursery rhythm of Eclairage…it did a great job relaxing me after I sat waded through a mountain of garbage promos this morning. Run Ames is […]