Fellow SB family member, Adrian Scientia aka Katalyst aka The Black Bull, finally got around to encoding one of his earliest mixtapes (but wouldn’t post it himself, so I’m doing it). The overriding theme for the tape was the 1979 gang classic, The Warriors and it shows from the intro and throughout. Initially recorded on […]

Our very own Adrian Scientia aka The Katalyst aka The Black Bull aka …well, we’ll save the last one since it isn’t family friendly…made this mixtape (literally a mixtape) way back in 1998. At the drop you’re greeted by the voice “The DJ” from The Warriors letting us know that the “Baseball Furies dropped the […]

My longtime co-conspirator, fellow Shadowboxer, and best friend Adrian Scientia aka The Katalyst has just dropped a mix and interview for The Dallas Observer ahead of Doc Scott’s Dallas gig at It’ll Do Nightclub on Friday, August 8th. Read all about Adrian’s history in Dallas/Fort Worth and his love of all things metal and drum […]

My brother-from-another-mother has dropped his first, full length mix in years. It’s heavy. https://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F66230623 Katalyst Returns by Adrian Scientia Tracklist: 1-Calyx&Teebee-Hurting 2-Optiv*BTK-Backlash 3-Ulterior Motive-Seven Segments 4-Optiv&BTK-Dont Need You 5-Ed Rush&Optical-Fixation 6-Noisia&Spor-Falling Through 7-S.P.Y.-Torque 8-Rido-Poison 9-Future Cut-Obsession (Ulterior Motive RMX) 10-Fortran-Sardines (Bad Company RMX) 11-Gridlok-Blender 12-Ulterior Motive-Minesweeper 13-Gridlok&The Upbeats-Krypto 14-Audio-Control Freak 15-Basher,Xtrah-Reflections 16-Calyx&Teebee-Warrior 17-Die&Break-Tear Down