A lot of best-of lists suffer from terrible recency bias, including mine. I’m going to try and stay away from it for 2015, but with so much fantastic music being released every week it’s a tough ask. My criteria for the list are: Does it have repeat playability? Does it trigger an emotional or physical […]

Fabric are teasing everyone with a segment of Ivy Lab’s set from the Critical Music night back on the 3rd of April. Their using the full set as an enticement for of their FabricFirst memberships. If that’s something that appeals to you (and it should if you’re a regular) then click the link, sign-up, and […]

Remember this vid making the rounds a few years ago? That was recorded during the Innovation in the Sun event in 2011. The Innovation crew are headed back to Barcelona again for 2015 and just like in prior years the line-up is ridiculous. For seven days in June, the 23rd to the 30th, they’re going […]