Jonny L’s deal with XL Recordings in the early 90’s was a big deal for jungle. They were, and still are, a major player in the dance music community and helped push his releases to the world. While maybe not as commercially successful as Jonny’s other work like 2 Of Us, Piper, or Magnetic, the […]

Frederic Robinson – Mixed Signals – Blu Mar Ten Music – OUT NOW Frederic Robinson’s first full length long player, Mixed Signals, on Blu Mar Ten Music has been hotly anticipated for some time. With previous releases “Theme Park/Off Topic” (BMT018) and “Bloom (feat Stray)/Shore” (BMT020) already making waves this years, the 21 year old […]

While driving to work this morning I was listening to NPR and day-dreaming about some of my favorite atmospheric drum&bass tracks from yesteryear. Initially the list started at a top 5, but I couldn’t pair it down so I decided to make my a top 10 instead. The list is purely subjective and my tastes […]