A lot of best-of lists suffer from terrible recency bias, including mine. I’m going to try and stay away from it for 2015, but with so much fantastic music being released every week it’s a tough ask. My criteria for the list are: Does it have repeat playability? Does it trigger an emotional or physical […]

I like Ivy Lab. They make pretty music. Whether it’s 20 Questions, or Baby Grey, or Live On Your Smile, it’s all good. Fabric is giving away Ivy Lab’s Focus ahead of the their next appearance at the Critical Sound night on the 10th of July at the super club. I’m currently working on my […]

Fabric are teasing everyone with a segment of Ivy Lab’s set from the Critical Music night back on the 3rd of April. Their using the full set as an enticement for of their FabricFirst memberships. If that’s something that appeals to you (and it should if you’re a regular) then click the link, sign-up, and […]

Ivy Lab are this decade’s Bad Company…except the Ivy Lab boys are doing it with more soul. This time it’s the 9 track Twenty Questions EP (that’s LP sized!) doing the damage and the eponymous title track features a gritty, black & white video to carry the tune. An easy tune of the day if […]

I have raved on Shadowboxing on how AMAZING Ivy Lab is and the incredible material they have been releasing. I am also a huge fan of the Ivy Cast they do and the newest edition has landed for you all to enjoy. You can expect to hear classic hip hop (BCC WHAT?!?!) as well as […]

Ivy Lab mixes up a large batch of their own upcoming releases and a few solo bits from members as well. -katalyst Tracklist 1. Machinedrum – Neujack – Ninjatune 2. Darkhouse Fam – Elephant Large – Earnest Endeavours 3. Sabre – Taste The Mango – N/A 4. Halogenix & Eveson – Baby – Critical Music […]