Big up to Alex Eveson for taking the time to, candidly, answer some of our questions about life growing up in Glastonbury, how he got into drum & bass, and shooting down our request for a VIP version of his tune (ha!). The Grey Dawn EP on Ingredients records is due out July 21st. > […]

First of all, thanks for your time! According to Twitter you have a real job involving work vans, chemistry sets, and as you put it, “holding back the sea.” Without going into too much detail is this a legitimate enterprise or are you Breaking Bad on us? > Yeah your right, I hold down a […]

“Famous Lost Words” is the first full length release from Blu Mar Ten since 2011’s “Love Is The Devil” on their own imprint, Blu Mar Ten Music, and it’s a doozy. I had hoped to have a chat with Chris from Blu Mar Ten, but unfortunately that didn’t work out. However he gave a really […]

I had a chance to talk to BCee about his latest album, Lost & Found, which is out August 25th, at all your fine dance music retailers. Can you give us an introduction and a little background info about yourself and your label, Spearhead? I have been Djing for 18 years! I started my first […]

Manchester madman, Chimpo has just dropped Frontline, his debut EP on Marcus Intalex’s Soul:R Recordings, so we took a few minutes out of his day to talk to him about the release. For some of our American audience that might be less clued in to the goings-on of a Mancunian MC/DJ/Producer, tell us a bit […]

The first Tuned-In compilation from 2001 helped to introduce the world to a lot of newer talent. Is that also the goal for part two? Our main intention with both LPs was to showcase the music we like and that was from established and new producers. It is a great way to introduce new talent […]

The mighty Calibre, aka Dominick Martin, took a few minutes out of his day to answer a couple of questions about his recent tour, his tune on C.I.A’s Tuned-In 2 Compilation, upcoming (non-D&B) projects, and spiders. – The drum & bass scene is full of loud, over-the-top personalities. Yet, you have a reputation for being […]

Gilles Peterson interviewed reggae and dancehall legend David Rodigan for his Worldwide show recently, and what was supposed to be a 20 minute Q&A turned into a wonderful collection of stories and music selection spanning his 30 years in the game. Original post and streaming player link from Gilles Peterson’s website. Download the mp3 (right […]