I was playing with my son last night when he grabbed the headphones off my desk and asked to “Listen to the musics, Daddy!” in his little two year old drawl. Usually this means that I put on a house music mix or flip through some random drum & bass MP3s. Instead I decided to […]

No, it’s not drum & bass or house or techno or brand new or groundbreaking or amazing. It’s just Oakland-based indie/alternative rock producer Day Wave’s first single that’s blowing up everywhere. Anyway, this song is just speaking to me so it’s my tune of the day.

It’s the beginning of 2015, which means I should get off my ass and post my best of list. It’s taken me more than three weeks to consider my picks, simply because the holidays are insane. Travel, Christmas, travel, New Years, work, travel…it never ends. Hopefully I can find additional contributors to the blog to […]

Singer-songwriter work is pretty far afield from our usual fare, but I think it’s worth a mention because Rocky Nti is a talented dude. I was first made aware of Rocky’s vocal work via BCee’s “Lost & Found” on Spearhead Records a few months ago. “Lost & Found” was the titular track on the album […]

I have a full time job that doesn’t involve music blogging and it’s impossible for me to keep up with every new musician, band, DJ, or sound. I’m perfectly okay with that so you’ll have to excuse me for sharing something from the Gorilla vs. Bear blog that might be old news. The Chromatics are […]

The Joy Formidable first came to my attention back in November when they played Fun Fun Fun Fest here in Austin. I didn’t attend the show, but heard from several people that did that The JF stole the show when they played. I decided to seek out a few videos on YouTube and was hooked […]