[h/t to JamieS23 for the audio and Mampi Swift for the interview.] Mistabishi is/was an unquestionably talented producer that was signed by Hospital Records in 2008 and dropped an LP (Drop), received a DnB Awards nomination, released the imaginative Printer Jam and From Memory (tho I prefer the Matrix remix). He was ascending very, very […]

Over the weekend 1Xtra went all-in on a big soundclash between Hospital, Ram, Shogun Audio, and Viper. As a neutral listener, I don’t know how anyone can think Shogun Audio didn’t mash ’em all down, but all the labels went full bore. And that bootleg session…sheeeit! Also…drum & bass has its roots in reggae culture […]

I had the absolute worst case of the Monday blues today until I found Camo and Krooked had a new album out called Zeitgeist out on Hospital Records today. There’s something for everyone on this record. “Ruhepuls” is a darker, stand out tune and of course you also have just solid, pure liquid funk sounds […]

Who has two thumbs and is an unapologetic Blu Mar Ten fanboy that shills their music without being asked? This guy! Anyway…If you’re not familiar with Med School, a Hospital Records off-shoot, then you should familiarize yourself with their other worldly sounds immediately. BMT created the mini-mix to showcase the artists and tracks on the […]

For those of you that do not live in Austin, the South by Southwest (or SXSW) Conference is in full rage mode right now. The Interactive and Film portions of the conference are done which means that all the attention has shifted to music and it’s balls out party time here. Last night we went […]