My absolute favorite hardcore band (or post-hardcore/grindcore/mathcore) of all time, The Dillinger Escape Plan, are hanging up their strings after six albums, multiple EP releases, and nearly 20 years of fucking shit up. After I moved back to Texas in 2002, I was feeling especially disheartened by the drum & bass scene. Since I originally […]

I just tweeted that I was on the hunt for a new mix to check out. Within minutes I’d stumbled on Sonic Rampage boss, Pearsall’s Surgical Sounds set. A proper tribute to the drum & bass legend Doc Scott. Tracklist: 01. System 7 – Interstate (Doc Scott Remix) (Butterfly) 02. Empirion – B.E.T.A. (Doc Scott […]

While going over a “Where Are They Now” article on Thump, I came across another article about AK1200 that was written by DJ DB. It chronicled some of Dave AK’s achievements in breaking breakbeat culture to the US. You wouldn’t know it now, but Orlando was a big spot for early hardcore and jungle thanks […]

As a addendum to my Essential Nookie post from last week, I wanted to share Law’s All Nookie 92-94 mix via Drumtrip. Law shares my same view on Nookie being one of the unsung heroes of jungle, so I thought it only fitting to share his excellent mix of Nookie’s early work. Make sure to […]

Adrian Sciencia aka The Katalyst here, I got some choice bits for you in the Beats and Pieces this go round. Direct Motion – Those That Lead/Part of Me – Diffrent Music – OUT NOW We will kick off this segment with a release from Direct Motion courtesy of the Diffrent Music out of London. […]

dBridge has done a mixtape for Trap Magazine called Dubs On Doves. Despite the magazine’s name there’s no trap in the mix! It’s nothing but classic jungle tunes from the 90s and it’s a winner! dBridge’s Dubs On Doves Mix (1991-95) 1. State Of Art – Suburban Knights – Intelligent Music Company (1994) 2. The […]