This is a fun little mix to listen to while we’re all stuck in self-quarantine. Everyone could use a little more groove in their life, especially now. About the only downside is that it’s only 20 minutes long. Oh well, we take what we can get…

I’m a sucker for a big bassline and a well timed sample. Kachina’s Heisenberg (on the brand new Affectionate Grooves label) has managed to scratched both of those itches making it my Tune of the Day. The entire UK Garage-influenced, Heisenberg EP will be available on the NextGen Records store soon enough. You can hear […]

A new Chimpo EP, Backslang always means a unique blend of bass music styles, heavy beats, lyrical wit….and maybe some monkey symbolism. He hits on all of those points with Backslang. I especially love Sneaky Cheeky…so good. You can listen to all four tracks and buy the EP HERE.

Back in 2003 a new sound in underground bass music broke through to the surface in the UK – but it didn’t yet have a name. This essential BBC Radio 1 show, The New Step, hosted by J Da Flex with support from Durrty Goodz, breaks it all down: Tell us wot you call it […]

I’m sad to report that I have never been to Fabric, but every time I see a line-up or hear about a show there, it makes me regret not having been. Between the mix CD series, the multitude of DJ mixes they post online, and the shows themselves there cannot possibly be a better nightclub […]

If there’s one thing Summer weather makes me think of….it’s UK Garage. Here are some of my favorite tracks – so many more gems I’d love to share but they aren’t online. Maybe a good thing to have them as vinyl only! > Right as Rhythm: UKG Summertime Playlist on YouTube Tracklist // Discogs links: 1. Narrows […]

Music Nation is a 5-part documentary covering underground music scenes in Britain. A collaboration between Dazed Magazine and Channel 4 the series takes in “all the key players, fashions and music from five iconic underground scenes – UK garage, Bristol bass, jungle, hardcore punk and Balearic.” (Dazed). >> Watch the full-length Brandy & Coke documentary The first episode, Brandy & Coke, […]

Matt “Jam” Lamont with another BIG deep house/garage set on his “Less Talk, More Music” show on Mi-Soul Radio from August 21st. TRACKLIST: 01. Osunlade presents Nadirah Shakoor – Pride (Yoruba Soul mix) 02. Deep City Soul – Leave My Head – CDR 03. DJ Groove – Winter Dreams – Mercado Paralelo Music 04. The […]