I haven’t written a free tune round-up post in awhile, so since it’s a little slow for me today I thought I’d knock one out. There’s a lot of drum & bass, some house, jungle, dubstep, a smattering of trap, and an ambient future garage all tucked away in the list. As always your mileage […]

The process I use for finding music and sets for Shadowboxing is most likely a by-product of my adolescent ADHD resurfacing long enough to power me through a post…or it could just be a shitload of caffeine…in any case, here’s how it usually happens: Things always begin when I need to find something to fill […]

Here’s a double dose of moody beats for a bitchin’ Friday morning. First up is the 9th installment of Doc Scott’s Future Beats. He took a multi-month hiatus from the interwebs in order to craft some new music. I suspect one of two of those new tunes, if they’re finished, do appear in this mix. […]

I admit to not being very familiar with James Blake beyond “Wilhelm Scream” which I thought was interesting but a one-off novelty. The guy certainly has talent and the crossover appeal of his unique brand of EDM (dubstep/post-dubstep/future garage?) and his singer/songwriter abilities is apparent. He’s just released a free, unofficial live album featuring several […]

Found this through multiple buddies on Facebook today. It’s a live video recording of DJ Benji B, MC Judah and Deviation String Quartet doing a live set at Revolutions in Sound in the London Eye (that ridiculously large ferris wheel on the River Thames). Most of the tunes cover a lot of UK Garage and […]

Props to my buddy Andree for turning me onto Vondelpark via her Facebook page this week. There’s not much information on the web about him, other than a rather terse interview on Viceland.com from August 2010. Apparently he’s from Surrey and not Amsterdam, but that’s perfectly alright. His music fits into the “future garage” sub-genre […]

As of 2009, UK Garage has been making a comeback. “Future Garage” is a catchall term for producers/DJs, mostly associated with the Dubstep scene, creating new sounds with the UK Garage template. It can be seen as a reaction to macho/aggressive and swing-less Dubstep domination in the clubs. On the forefront of the future garage […]