I admit to not being very familiar with James Blake beyond “Wilhelm Scream” which I thought was interesting but a one-off novelty. The guy certainly has talent and the crossover appeal of his unique brand of EDM (dubstep/post-dubstep/future garage?) and his singer/songwriter abilities is apparent. He’s just released a free, unofficial live album featuring several […]

Here’s a collection of free music from various genres and a multitude of producers from the last few months. As always, you can click the little down arrow on each Soundcloud waveform to download the MP3. Here’s Ill-esha’s “lovestep” edit of The Weeknd’s XO/The Host tune. I like the two-step break vibe of this and […]

Aww yea! A brand new Weeknd album has dropped and I’m really excited to dig into it tonight. The Weeknd website Direct Download Link (right click save as) **Looks like the download from The Weeknd website is acting up. HERE is an alternate link. (warning- popups)

Thanks to my friend Elena for pointing me to Weeknd’s unreleased material this morning. From Fact Mag: Earlier this year, as you doubtless know, a more-anonymous-than-most r’n’b singer called The Weeknd released a mixtape. It was called House of Balloons, and it was very, very good. Last night, six previously unreleased tracks leaked into the […]

I’m a couple of months behind on this release, but I felt a need to share it because I get ridiculously excited when I hear something this impressive. According to his wiki, The Weeknd, is Toronto-based R&B singer Abel Tesfaye, but House of Balloons is not your typical Top 40-Bullshit-R&B record. I don’t really know […]

Knowledge Mag, the fine bloggers at Everyday Junglist and Dubplate Digest have supplied most of these links, but I wanted to try and condense what’s available into a single post to make the music easier to obtain. Most of the producers will be new to you and some of the music is a little leftfield […]