A lot of best-of lists suffer from terrible recency bias, including mine. I’m going to try and stay away from it for 2015, but with so much fantastic music being released every week it’s a tough ask. My criteria for the list are: Does it have repeat playability? Does it trigger an emotional or physical […]

I’ve already gone off my head about the new Fracture and Chimpo EP on Metalheadz, now they’ve done a “slow motion” mixtape for Fact Mag’s next offering. It’s next level chopped and screwed bass music. You can read all the relevant info on the mix and why they made it over at Fact Mag. Thanks […]

Way back in 2001, the Total Science boys put out a compilation on their C.I.A. Records imprint called Total Science Presents: Tuned-In. It featured cuts from Total Science, Q Project, Future Cut, Intalex & ST Files, and a little known (at the time) Irish producer by the name of Calibre. It featured future classics like […]