Skeptical has a really unique sound. It is at once cold and machine-like while also having head-spinning depth and feeling. His subs and kick are so heavy and low that they jump out in front of the snares that float through the tunes. For a basshead like me it’s really enjoyable listening because it rattles […]

Stray did a hip-hop-mash-up-drum-and-bassline mix for his new Paradise EP on Exit Records. It’s only 23 minutes old and what I’ve heard so far reminds me of leftfield head trip, but I’m still working my way through it. Most definitely worth a download and listen though.

It’s Saturday night at 11:44pm and I’m jamming the fuck out of this 18 day old Fixate mix for Radio1. Essentially ever tune on the mix by Chimpo is killing it, especially Haymaker and Who Run Tingz. Fixate’s mix is flawless and it’s just…fucking hell. Now if I could just get a download of the […]

Mark System and the FabricLive gang have teamed up to release a promo mix ahead of his Exit Records album launch party this Friday at the seminal London club. Mr. System’s forthcoming album, Final Approach, will be his first full length and I expect to hear great things. There’s no tracklist on the mix, but […]

I’m still trying to get my blogging mojo back and find the spark to post daily, but some days it’s pretty tough. Today, however, I’ve pulled myself out of the funk to post a few freebies that have popped up in the last week. It’s not all drum & bass either…you’ll find some UK hip-hop […]

I missed this a few months ago, but dBridge and the Exist Records crew had a “10 years of Exit” showcase at Sun & Bass 2013 in Sardinia earlier this year. The sets were broadcast life on Bassdrive and then later uploaded for download. I saved the link, but forgot about it until just now. […]