Since isolation started back in March, I’ve become quite the Twitch consumer and it’s, honestly, one of the best things about this time. I initially dismissed it as people watching other people play videogames, but since DJs and producers have co-opted the platform to share streams it’s now my daily go-to entertainment. Every week, like […]

A full hour of non-stop Konflict tunes mixed on vinyl by El Hornet? Yes please! Tracklist 1. Bulletproof ‘The Nephilim’ (Kemal and Rob Data Remix) 2. Phuncktecks UFO ‘My Personal Blackmail’ (Konflicts Negative Remix) 3. Kemal ‘Plan B’ 4. Karl K ‘Synapose’ (Konflict remix) 5. Deeper Realms Vol 1 (Was never given an artwork release […]