Warm Communications keeps churning out the hits. Following up on their big time Chorux EP, they’ve tabbed Italian producer HLZ for Dying Memories/Duel. Dying Memories has now supplanted Mako’s What A Little Moonlight Can Do as the don tune, for me, on Warm Comms. It’s big, it’s fierce, it feels like classic techstep, AND IT […]

Our old great plains brethren, EHL of Warm Communications, has put together a rinsing old school jungle mix that harkens back to his Warm Radio days. Lucky Spin, Dee Jay, Good Looking, Higher Limits, and my favorite Adam F tune of all time….it’s been the perfect compliment to my morning breakfast tacos. My only wish […]

We are unapologetic Warm Communications fanboys around these parts, so when EHL decides he’s going to put together a mix it’s an insta-download and an insta-share on the blog. This time I’m a few days behind thanks to work, life, and watching my kid learn to sit on his own. Hopefully EHL forgives me for […]

Friend to SB and Warm Comm’s boss, EHL, does a big freebie drum & bass mix. Also, Mako’s “A Break From Ritual / What A Little Moonlight Can Do” (WARM027) was released yesterday. Grab your copy now. Tracklisting: Naibu – Just Like You [Horizons] Rockwell – The Rain [Shogun Audio] Hydro, War & Mateba – […]

I have a whole mess of new drum & bass tunes that you should know about… Mako & Villem – I Used To Be Like You/Whatever Whatever – Warm Communications – OUT NOW This is easily my favorite release of the month and not just because EHL’s Warm Communications label is Texas based (although I […]

Pushing Red and Warm Communications label boss (and fellow Texan), EHL, has knocked together an exclusive mixed genre set for Shadowboxing. We also had a quick chat about the impetus of Pushing Red and how he goes about acquiring these tunes. You’ve long been a part of the DnB scene, but what was the genesis […]