Woooo…this one has caused much discussion at Shadowboxing HQ recently. I asked several friends, respected DJs, and drum & bass aficionados to consider their top ten Dillinja tunes and received a wide variety of answers. From there I compiled those answers together giving each tune one point. If two or more tracks were tied with […]

Several months ago I began digitizing my mixtape collection. I just finished that project and will begin posting some of these mixtapes to the blog as I get them EQ’ed a bit. Next up is San Francisco-based, and Phuckateck Collective member, DJ Juju’s 6:06 AM Convulsions. I don’t remember the circumstances of how I came […]

Just as I posted that DJ Hype mix, Fanu announced he’d done a mix for Vice Magazine’s sister publication, Thump. The Hype thing is, obviously, more jump-up and hardstep drum&bass whereas Fanu likes to get a little leftfield with his beats and breaks. Enjoy….I certainly am. Original post @ Thump Tracklist: 01. Moresounds – Altercations […]

The word “nookie” might elicit giggles from teenagers in conversation or memories of the late 70s/early 80s Newlywed Game starring Chuck Woolery. However, in the world of jungle music, Nookie is an enduring legend whose career and legacy has spanned more than two decades. Born Gavin Cheung, Nookie’s his first release was The Love Is…EP […]

LENZMAN + DAN STEZO = BADMEN GET IT…. NOW…. WELCOME TO 2014 MIXTAPE 01. Lenzman feat. Martyna Baker – Paper Faces (Metalheadz) 02. Submorphics feat. T.R.A.C. – Higher Ground (Liquid V) 03. SpectraSoul – The Gift (Shogun Audio) 04. Lenzman & FD – Joanie’s Theme (Metalheadz) 05. Foreign Concept feat. Riya – Affliction (Alternative Mix) […]