The mighty, mighty Freaky Flow uploaded his 1998 mixtape, Volume 7, earlier this week. Featuring lots of big jump-up and hardstep tunes of the day with a smattering of Canadian flavor from producers like Mystical Influence (Dub Plate Pressure) and Marcus Visionary (Steppa). Since it’s a tape rip from 16 years ago the sound quality […]

15 years ago today, the world of drum & bass lost DJ Kemistry. She, and long time partner Storm, were guiding lights in the sound and the first ladies of jungle. Kemistry was massively influential to the rise of the Metalheadz sound and Goldie considers her his muse. You can read all about her life […]

I’m still trying to get my blogging mojo back and find the spark to post daily, but some days it’s pretty tough. Today, however, I’ve pulled myself out of the funk to post a few freebies that have popped up in the last week. It’s not all drum & bass either…you’ll find some UK hip-hop […]

I don’t recommend being sick for a month. It really sucks and plays havoc with your life. BCee – Think Twice – Spearhead OUT NOW The mighty BCee drops an original in “Think Twice” and a proper drum & bass remix of his slowed down crooner, “Into The Blue” from the album Lost & Found. […]

Listening to this makes me wish I could’ve been there, but for being broadcast live on RinseFM the audio is kinda rough. I found direct downloads from RinseFM that sound slightly better, but it’s not great. Download from RinseFM // DILLINJA & MC GQ / MC SP, METALHEADZ HISTORY SESSION 21/02/14 by Geist on Mixcloud […]

I haven’t written a free tune round-up post in awhile, so since it’s a little slow for me today I thought I’d knock one out. There’s a lot of drum & bass, some house, jungle, dubstep, a smattering of trap, and an ambient future garage all tucked away in the list. As always your mileage […]