Boston, a young Welsh producer and not a Southie from Mass, helms the 20th release on Break’s Symmetry Recordings. It’s a turn of styles for the imprint as there’s a decidedly mellower texture on both tracks. The A-side, and my tune of the day, is Catch Your Breath. Bostom kicks it off with a two-step […]

Intense Presents: Logical Progression Level 3, on LTJ Bukem’s seminal Good Looking Records, turned 17 years old today. One of my favorite tracks on that album is Blu Mar Ten’s She Moves Through. The flutes, the weird satellite noises, and the sub bass make it a sublime piece of work. Being 17, the tune is […]

Mark System and the FabricLive gang have teamed up to release a promo mix ahead of his Exit Records album launch party this Friday at the seminal London club. Mr. System’s forthcoming album, Final Approach, will be his first full length and I expect to hear great things. There’s no tracklist on the mix, but […]

Technique Recordings, the brainchild of Drumsound and Bassline Smith, has just turned over the label’s 15th year and that means a pretty extensive compilation release. Featuring productions from themselves, Trei, L PLUS, Erb N Dub, Trantrum Desire, and Crissy Cris tossing out a pretty impressive lineup of big room tunes. Personal favorites are the label […]

Guangzhou Underground is a relatively new label based in (you guess it) Guangzhou, China’s third largest city in the Guangdong province of China. Their mission is to bring the underground sound of mainline China to the rest of the globe and while their musical scene is behind that of Bejing and Shanghai, they intend to […]