DJ Trace, founder of DSCI4 Records, has started a new mix series. I just stumbled on it, but am enjoying it, thus far. Sounds like he’s just doing this for fun. Let’s see if it continues or not. Anyways, enjoy the first installment. “A new series of off the cuff mixes. Not limiting to one […]

I was invited to join a Facebook group called Dallas Electronic recently. People are posting flyers to their first raves and parties dating back 20+ years, including some of my own events as both 32 Degrees and Covert Operations. While I was on that nostalgia tip, I decided to re-upload some old recordings of the […]

American girls’ favorite dj/producer John B lays out a fresh new podcast mix for us all. Catch one of my all time favorite tunes by Trace for the history lesson track in the mix. Enjoy!! -Katalyst Tracklisting 1. Away – Frankee 2. Better Days – L-Side & Andrezz 3. Fear of Letting Go ft. DRS […]

I always enjoy it when an artist steps out of the “norm” and starts repping different styles of music. Like DJ Zinc with his Crackhouse mixes, Noisia doing glitch-hop/electro, or Lenzman breaking down some 90’s hip-hop. This time DJ Trace, who practically invented the techstep sub-genre of drum&bass with his remix of T Power & […]

According to the DSCI4 Soundcloud page this tape was originally recorded in Chicago around ’96. Full on roughneck tech-step from the moment you press play. DJ Trace – Black Widow – Side A by DSCI4 DJ Trace – Black Widow – Side B by DSCI4 If you cannot listen to the Soundcloud stream, […]