The man that they call the DJ Hype drops a mix for Fabric Live and its fresh off the press with everything but the kitchen sink mixed in the style that only the man behind Playaz (formerly True Playaz) can bring…That upcoming Hardware remix ep is in the mix, most noticeably the Killa Bees rmx….

I know I’ve been on a drum&bass bender for the last few posts, but that isn’t something I’ll apologize for…I’m listening to a lot of older sets in my collection and that is reflected in what I post to SB. Once I hear something else in another genre that’s killing it for me then I’ll […]

I’ve tossed around the idea of a super jungle post for awhile and finally decided that it needed to happen. So I spent about five hours pooling a few of my favorite old school jungle sets from the last decade that I feel are really worth sharing. The audio varies because of the age of […]