Currently listening to the Biosynchronous release by Twin Shape out on Desert Trax. Twin Shape is a live project out of Dallas, started in 2009 by Stephen Moon aka @xsmoonx. I enjoy all of Twin Shape’s work, but I often find myself going back to this tune, Holding Space. It has all the right elements […]

Squirt, aka Aaron Wilkerson, was one of Dallas’ original junglists and one of the founding members of the 32 Degrees jungle crew (that I later joined) and was a huge influence on drum & bass culture in Dallas. Unfortunately he passed away on the 1st of April after a short illness. Squirt was talented, hilarious, […]

I was invited to join a Facebook group called Dallas Electronic recently. People are posting flyers to their first raves and parties dating back 20+ years, including some of my own events as both 32 Degrees and Covert Operations. While I was on that nostalgia tip, I decided to re-upload some old recordings of the […]

Watching a crowd that is overcome by music can be a moving experience. Being part of that crowd can be downright intoxicating, but orchestrating that crowd – well that’s a whole ‘nother story. In 2001, that became the only goal for Sean Anderson, Brad Denton and David Brown, three party promoters and DJs from Dallas […]

The day you decide to dip your toe into the rave promotion waters is also the day you need to come to grips with chaos. Whether it’s mildly annoying hotel rate increases or the entire show bottoming out when your venue tells you to get fucked, you better be ready. You plan, you plan again, […]

Welp, ebola has officially landed stateside for the first time ever and it’s in Dallas! My hometown has long been known as the “Metroplex,” and had the very unofficial nickname of “Assassination City” since 1963, so why not add another moniker like Pandemic Town, Hemorrhagic Hamlet, or the Ebola Belt to the list? Can’t hurt […]

I’ve talked in the past about being a promoter in Dallas in the late 90s and early 00s. It was a pretty incredible time and I’ll cherish all of those memories because they made me who I am today. One of the defining times of my life was operating our warehouse space, Decibel, with my […]