Technique Recordings, the brainchild of Drumsound and Bassline Smith, has just turned over the label’s 15th year and that means a pretty extensive compilation release. Featuring productions from themselves, Trei, L PLUS, Erb N Dub, Trantrum Desire, and Crissy Cris tossing out a pretty impressive lineup of big room tunes. Personal favorites are the label […]

The Rebirth of Cool series of 8 or so compilations (hard to tell the total number with re-releases & catalog number differences) that were first released in the early 90s under an Island Records subsidiary called 4th & Broadway in the UK. The early releases featured trip-hop, acid jazz, downtempo, dub, and breakbeat tracks. In […]

What is it about old jungle compilations that makes them look cheesy and ridiculous? Way back in 1995 the Lawnmower Man computer graphics on the CD cover were rave-flyer-cool, but it just looks so laughable now. Thankfully the music contained in them doesn’t age like the covers. This is the 7th in the Jungle Tekno […]

Yet another long delay between posts that I need to apologize for. Buying a house is a tremendous drain on one’s energy and bank account….just sayin. Jungle Book – Intelligent Minds Of Jungle was a Japan-only compilation that was released in 1995 on Sublime Records. It’s a really cool collection of producers and tunes you […]

After re-discovering this compilation whilst digging through an old box of CD’s I thought it’d be a good one to share, given it’s impressive artist listing. If you’re not familiar with Art of Noise then take a gander at their wiki for some history. Now that you have read up on AON’s history, you should […]

I have to admit that I got more than a little excited after stumbling upon this compilation while tracking down some other gems. Originally released on Strictly Hardcore Records in 1994, this compilation might induce a “meh” at first glance because, besides A-Sides and Uncle 22, there aren’t a lot of well known names on […]

It isn’t very often that I find an old, out of date, gem that contains many artists I love and that I wasn’t aware existed previously. It is like finding some long lost aural treasure. Headz 2B was an un-mixed trip-hop/downtempo/hip-hop/jungle compilation released on Mo’Wax way back in 1996. It features a mixture of well-known […]

I get quite nostalgic about old mix CD’s from my halcyon rave days that have long since disappeared into the ether. The disks were either played into oblivion, loaned out never to be returned, or it just got up and walked away (like that one sock in the dryer). Today’s post is all about one […]