I’ve been living under a neurofunk rock for a few months. My musical preferences seem to ebb and flow with the changing of the tides and lately I’ve been on a more melancholy kick. Because of that I nearly missed out on Bristol-based Exposure’s debut release, Delicate Lives feat Sula Mae/Sacrifice, on his own A […]

A dubplate and mastering specialist, DJ and promoter, Henry Heatwave is a steady force in Bristol’s rich music scene. Henry tells us about how Dub Studio came to life, his influences…and his portable lathe! What made you decide to get into mastering and cutting dubplates? I have always had a fascination for sound. I used […]

So, what do you know about Boogie? Until yesterday I knew jack shit about it, the music, or what the name even meant. I only know about it now because my friend Elena, who lives in Bristol, turned me onto this “new” sound that’s been driving Bristol mad. She knows I’m deeply into drum & […]