London Elektricity vs Blu Mart Ten – Above One Second LINK From BMT: We’ve been going through loads of old tracks and uploading them all to our Soundcloud, and we rediscovered this little mash-up of our track ‘Above Words‘ and London Elektricity’s ‘Just One Second‘ that got done one bored evening. Mar Ten vs […]

Drum&Bass-ists Blu Mar Ten have released a New Year mix that they’ve described as “electro, house, progressive, techno, trance.” From Here you go – a 90 minute mix of hands-in-the-air, non-stop party tunes, perfect for New Year’s Eve. Just press ‘play’ at 10.30pm and this mix will take you up to midnight. Have a […]

As I’ve previously stated, Blu Mar Ten is fucking genius. Since the release of Natural History there seems to be an uptick in activity from them, which is great. This time they’ve gone back to the vaults and uncovered a box full of old mixtapes that they are ripping and putting online. So far they’ve […]

I’ve yet to hear a Blu Mar Ten track I didn’t think was complete genius. Their early Good Looking/Looking Good/Ascendant Grooves stuff, like Global Access or She Moves Through, is legendary in the pantheon of atmospheric drum&bass. Their latest effort, Natural History, was one of my favorite albums of 2009. It featured some of their […]