Chris with Blu Mar Ten has described their newest signing, RQ, as an “enigmatic kiwi,” but I’d also add “fabulous beard” to that descriptor. He’s previously released tracks on Samurai and Auxillary while also keeping his own label, Dawn, afloat. His newest release on Blu Mar Ten Music, Shimmer/Traces, harkens back to the Good Looking […]

I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect after hearing his remix of Half The Sky, but Run Ames and Eclairage are both excellent. I genuinely love the xylophone sounds and nursery rhythm of Eclairage…it did a great job relaxing me after I sat waded through a mountain of garbage promos this morning. Run Ames is […]

It’s Memorial Day weekend in the U.S. and that means it’s time to eulogize service members by grilling your favorite meats and consuming beer. We’re going to do our own thing and chat about a load of new music that will be hitting the streets very soon. Alex Seva – Era/Twisted – Deep Field Audio […]

Too often, the hipster thing to do in indie music production is to make weird music simply for the sake of making weird music. They abandon all structure and form believing their art makes them the audio equivalent of David Lynch. The reality is it just makes it all sound pretentious. Frederic Robinson is not […]

“Famous Lost Words” is the first full length release from Blu Mar Ten since 2011’s “Love Is The Devil” on their own imprint, Blu Mar Ten Music, and it’s a doozy. I had hoped to have a chat with Chris from Blu Mar Ten, but unfortunately that didn’t work out. However he gave a really […]

Frederic Robinson – Mixed Signals – Blu Mar Ten Music – OUT NOW Frederic Robinson’s first full length long player, Mixed Signals, on Blu Mar Ten Music has been hotly anticipated for some time. With previous releases “Theme Park/Off Topic” (BMT018) and “Bloom (feat Stray)/Shore” (BMT020) already making waves this years, the 21 year old […]