Back in 2003 a new sound in underground bass music broke through to the surface in the UK – but it didn’t yet have a name. This essential BBC Radio 1 show, The New Step, hosted by J Da Flex with support from Durrty Goodz, breaks it all down: Tell us wot you call it […]

I’m sad to report that I have never been to Fabric, but every time I see a line-up or hear about a show there, it makes me regret not having been. Between the mix CD series, the multitude of DJ mixes they post online, and the shows themselves there cannot possibly be a better nightclub […]

November has been a tough month for blogging. Every waking moment was filled with family activity while my work weeks were booked up with travel to exotic locations like El Paso, TX! Then, of course, it was Thankgiving in the States. Where we consume and purge enormous meals for a day leading up to, the […]

I wanted something bass heavy this morning while I dress some cables for a work project. Spectrasoul have hit the spot with their mix for the Outlook Festival mix series. A little bit of hip-hop, a lot of bass music, and (of course) drum & bass. Narsty. Outlook Festival 2014 Spectrasoul

I won’t say this is really that great, but it is unique. Anklepants and his prosthetic floppy dicknose facemask take over the Boiler Room for something you’ve probably never seen before. Beyond the well-done dicknose, he gets extra points for the knife-like theremin enabled synth-triggering microphone. Though if it were me I’d probably work in […]